Cloud Foundry Weekly: A Day in the Life of the Solution Architect: Episode 9

Ever wonder what it’s like to live in a day in the life of a VMware Tanzu Solution architect? Join this episode as Nicky and Nick deep dive with a panel of Tanzu SAs and how they spend their time helping customers achieve their business goals.

Guest Bios:

Mark Fynes -  
Mark Fynes brings over 25 years of experience in Mark Fynes has over 25 years of experience in enterprise middleware and cloud platforms. He's worked on everything from Corba Middleware, web services, to various platforms before joining Pivotal in 2013 where he realized the potential of Cloud Foundry.  Since then, he has been a part of helping customers deploy their first apps with 'cf push' and scale to managing tens of thousands of applications on the platform.

Tim Leong -  
Tim Leong is a 10-year Cloud Foundry veteran and enthusiast who previously managed the platform for major corporations before transitioning to sales two years ago. His focus is on learning Tanzu and advocating for TAS across industries. Tim resides near Philadelphia with his wife and three children near a mall where apparently George Washington used to hang out

Chris Samp -  
Chris Samp's journey began with early computer tinkering, leading to a career spanning Silicon Valley's Dot Com era to today's Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes landscapes. With expertise in Java, N-tier architecture, AWS, bash scripts, Python, and a VP Engineering background at startups, Chris brings a wealth of experience to his current role. He joined Pivotal, engaging with major companies like Ford and GM, and continues to navigate the evolving tech terrain with a focus on Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes solutions.
Cloud Foundry Weekly: A Day in the Life of the Solution Architect: Episode 9
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