Cloud Foundry Weekly: Exploring enterprise RAG applications with GenAI for TAS: Episode 10

This week, David Wu will be our special guest star as we explore building enterprise RAG applications using GenAI for TAS. Don't miss this episode as we deep-dive into how you can build innovative applications on top of Cloud Foundry with large language models and applications using Retrieval Augmented Generation(RAG) to tailor chatbots to your domain-specific knowledge.

GenAI for TAS Sample Apps:
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David Wu:
David Wu is a Senior Staff Product Value Engineer - Developer Experience team at Broadcom, where he helps customers modernize legacy applications and build scalable, high-performing Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes platforms. With over 7 years of experience at Pivotal, VMware, and now Broadcom, David has a deep understanding of cloud technologies and their practical applications. Prior to Pivotal, he served as a software engineer building innovative financial applications, internationally award winning cinematic cameras and medical devices that are even now showcased in the Science Museum in London, England. 

David is the co-author of the book "Cloud Foundry for Developers," which guides readers through the process of developing and deploying applications using the Cloud Foundry platform. He holds a Computer Science degree and a Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from Monash University and RMIT, where he developed the world's first human vision model for perceptually lossless medical image compression.

In addition to his work in the tech industry, David served as a forensic specialist for law enforcement/government entities. He developed cutting-edge algorithms that significantly contributed to solving complex cases, where his work was recognized and continually sought. 

David's expertise spans software development, generative AI, picture quality metrics, picture compression, machine learning algorithms, vision models, and forensics/video analytics. He is passionate about leveraging technology to help customers succeed, drive innovation and solve real-world problems.
Cloud Foundry Weekly: Exploring enterprise RAG applications with GenAI for TAS: Episode 10
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